Reliable spectrometer for analysts demanding superior performance.

The XPS integrates the Kratos patented magnetic immersion lens and charge neutralisation with the spherical mirror and concentric hemispherical analysers.

Features Highlight

      • Combined with the newly developed delay-line detector (DLD) for both imaging and spectroscopy.
      • Provides both high energy resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopic performance.
      • Allows achieving of exceptional small spot capabilities (<15µm) via series of selected area apertures and magnetic and electrostatic lenses.
      • Employs spherical mirror analyser to produce real time chemical state images with less than 3µm spatial resolution.
      • Includes 100 detector channels that can also be used to take snapshot of small spot spectra in a matter of seconds.
      • Allows the generation of quantitative parallel images which gives greater insight into the lateral distribution of chemical species at the surface